Renting an Apartment 101 – the first steps

My previous posts have helped you determine if you’re indeed a good rental candidate (or if you should buy instead) and have given you the lay of the land in terms of when to start looking and when apartments in Boston are generally available.

Determining that you should rent and giving you a framework of when to start that search, are the first steps.

The next step – Where should you look?

 I could go through the pluses and minuses of each neighborhood and the run down of prices and proximity to public transit and to your work or school etc – but I would just be repeating the wealth of great resources, articles and information that are just a Google search away.  A quick tip: Google maps is your best friend for calculating commute times, so be sure to use it on or before showings to determine if the commute is manageable.

My only real advice on this subject is this: it’s nearly impossible to find a “perfect” apartment with any budget, so be sure that you have expectations that take into consideration budget, time, and supply constraints.  Remember, even with an unlimited budget, there simply may not be inventory to suit all your desires (and budget).

It’s also very important to talk to someone who currently lives where you are thinking of moving.  A great resource, if you don’t know anyone in the neighborhood, is your realtor, as they can help connect you with a tenant living in or near where you are considering looking to help you get a better feel for any questions you might have (feel free to leave a comment below if you’re confused)

How to navigate all of the listings (that’s where we come in!)

Of course, we want you to use 123Rents.

I, an agent who worked renting apartments for two years in the Allston/Brighton/Brookline areas, saw firsthand the inherent inefficiencies and struggles of relying on existing sites to search and connect with customers.  I developed 123Rents in order to connect the two parties more efficiently and effectively, so that you (the renter) can see immediately which agents will be the best to contact and schedule showings with.

Our goal is to have all the agents in Boston post their listing to our site for this coming rental season so that you (the renters) can use the system to its fullest potential.  We’ve included user-ratings and individually check every agent on the site to be sure they are licensed so that your experience on 123Rents can be Easy from Start to Lease

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